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    Our Specialties

    One area that makes our firm different is that we have a step-by-step process to help you identify the facts necessary to make sound financial decisions that are in your best interest BEFORE you make those decisions.

    To design a sound financial or business plan, it's important for your team to view a complete, 360 degree view of your financial picture, including how your retirement assets are integrated and work with one another and explore planning strategies, one of which may help a business owner keep more after-tax dollars in their pocket when they sell their business than they would otherwise. This is the type of planning we help our clients achieve.

    We offer or can refer you to professionals providing the following services:
    • Investment Planning
    • Estate Planning
    • Asset Protection Planning

    • Charitable Planning
    • Financial Planning
    • Income Planning

    • Tax Planning
    • Business Planning
    • Real Estate Planning

    Investment Planning

    How do you respond to market volatility?

    Two questions can help you establish your risk comfort level. 

    First Question: How would your lifestyle change if you had a 30% to 50% gain in your investment portfolio?

    Some people may respond that they might spend or travel a little more or just feel more secure.  Nothing will dramatically change.

    Second Question: How would your lifestyle change if you had a -30% to -50% loss in your investment portfolio?

    Some people may respond that they would be devastated or have to move to a smaller home or some other dramatic change.  The loss may have a dramatic change in their mindset and lifestyle.

    This is the primary reason why many affluent Americans are far more concerned with protecting what they’ve accumulated rather than chasing rates of return.

    Are you prepared or comfortable with the possibility of another major market sell-off?

    If you would like to learn what the true risk exposure is inside your current investment portfolio and find out how that correlates with your personal risk comfort level, call 913.393.4724 or contact us today for a no obligation Complete Planning Review.

    Has your current advisor discussed your risk comfort level recently?


    Estate Planning

    Learn how many of America's wealthiest families pass their estates on to their heirs in the most tax and cost effective manner.

    Many times America’s wealthiest eliminate all or much of the taxes and costs to transfer their wealth.  Sometimes, even increasing the size of their estates during the transfer.

    Wills and trusts may only address specific issues and need to be reviewed and updated as your desires and situation changes or as laws change that may impact your future plans.

    Many issues can still cause your money to fall through the cracks in places like your tax returns, risk exposure, fees and charges, low rates of return, possible future income tax problems from your qualified or non-qualified money, protecting you and your family from long term care, and lawsuits. Most of these are not addressed by having a living trust or a will. 

    Ongoing income taxes and especially significant taxes to your heirs are key concerns today and many people believe their wills and living trust or other estate planning addresses it and many times, find out too late that they were wrong.

    For a no obligation Complete Planning Review to address how your heirs may receive their inheritance in the most tax and cost effective manner, call 913.393.4724 or contact us today. 

    Asset Protection Planning

    You may be able to protect your assets from the threat of loss to lawsuits, business reversals, divorce, and government regulators with the same powerful yet legal strategies used by many of America's wealthiest families.

    To see if an asset protection plan is right for you, call 913.393.4724 or contact us today for a no obligation Complete Planning Review.

    Charitable Planning

    Trusts and direct gifts are only one way of helping your favorite charities.  Many other alternatives are available.  Some allow you to maintain control of your asset and still avoid future tax problems that might have occurred without the charitable planning.

    Charitable planning could be a very rewarding process for you and your favorite charity.  Identifying potential current or future significant tax problems can help you, your heirs and your charities.

    If you have significant qualified or non-qualified type assets like IRAs, SEPs, 401k's or annuities, as well as capital gains in stocks or business interests, you may be creating significant future tax problems for you and your heirs.

    Discovering these problems today may give you the time to plan properly and perhaps avoid them entirely and significantly enhance the future for yourself, your heirs or your favorite charity.

    To learn more about the use of trusts and direct gifts, as well as, a variety of other methods that do not require you to release control of an asset to help your charities, call 913.393.4724 or contact us today for a no obligation Complete Planning Review.

    Financial Planning

    Financial planning is the long-term process of wisely managing your finances so you can achieve your goals and dreams, while at the same time negotiating the financial barriers that inevitably arise in every stage of life. Remember, financial planning is a process, not a product.

    Steps to create a sound financial plan;

    Step 1: Establish Goals
    Step 2: Gather Data
    Step 3: Analyze & Evaluate Your Financial Status
    Step 4: Develop a Plan
    Step 5: Implement the Plan
    Step 6: Monitor the Plan & Make Necessary Adjustments


    To begin discovery of your personal financial plan, call 913.393.4724 or contact us today for a no obligation Complete Planning Review.

    Income Planning

    Making sure your assets can generate the retirement income stream you need today and keep up with the rising cost of living requires someone helping you design a lifetime income plan.

    What type of income streams are you comfortable with?  There is ‘maybe’ income, which is not guaranteed but gives you 100% liquidity and then there is income that could be guaranteed by insurance institutions. There is no wrong answer, it is dependent upon your particular situation and your comfort level. Helping you plan for your income in a tax efficient manner to meet your needs involves a well thought out plan.  

    To begin designing your income plan, call 913.393.4724 or contact us today, for a no obligation Complete Planning Review.

    Tax Planning

    Recent tax law changes could be costing you plenty! 

    Do you know the most important questions you should ask your CPA before you complete another tax return or see another month go by that could be costing you extra tax dollars?

    Get these questions answered now, so that you can take full advantage of the new rules while you still have time left in this tax year.  Here's just a sampling of the areas to discuss with your accountant and financial representatives;

    Also learn:

    If your current financial representatives have not addressed these issues, imagine what you may be missing out on.

    These questions need to be discussed now, as waiting until next year means maybe paying too much tax this year.  Timing is the key to using the new tax laws to your benefit.  Don't wait until next spring to find out you could have done something to reduce your taxes now.

    Become proactive with your tax issues with our Complete Planning Review, call 913.393.4724 or contact us today!

    Business Planning

    What if you could put the power of strategic thinking into your business planning? Imagine having the forward looking guidance to help you with important business decisions that could have a significant effect on your future success.  Now you can!  Global Plains Advisory Group bring you that experience and focuses on where you may need it the most. 

    Areas like:

    Call 913.393.4724 or contact us today for a no obligation Complete Planning Review.

    Real Estate Planning

    If you've been thinking about selling your home, commercial property or farm this year, you'll want to know...

    What to do first so you can be sure the decision is right for you! (3 important steps should take place before you list your property).  Those steps will help you get your financial questions answered before you discuss your real estate transaction.  Selling property can be very stressful these days...especially if you want to move to a condo, senior living facility or an apartment... or if you are considering an alternative investment to your commercial property.

    Asking the right questions through a simple financial review process will help you get the right answers before you sell, which can make all the difference. 

    Questions like:

    Or if you own commercial property...

    These questions, and others you may have, will help you get your financial house in order first.

    Get knowledge that you're doing what's right for you!

    Call Scott Dougan at 913.393.4724 for a no obligation consultation that can help you make some of the biggest decisions in your life with confidence, knowledge and security!

    This no-obligation consultation will help you take control now!  Sell on your terms, without pressure from others. Call 913.393.4724 or contact us today to learn more!


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    Insurance disclosure:Any comments regarding safe and secure investments, and guaranteed income streams refer only to fixed insurance products. They do not refer, in any way to securities or investment advisory products. Fixed Insurance and Annuity product guarantees are subject to the claims‐paying ability of the issuing company and are not offered by Global Financial Private Capital or GF Investment Services.

    Tax/ Legal Disclosure: Neither Global Financial Private Capital nor GF Investment Services, LLC. offers tax or legal advice. Individuals are advised to consult with their own CPA and or attorney regarding all tax and legal matters.

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